My client's experiences means everything to me. Read what real home buyers and sellers have to say about choosing Maureen Rammell Real Estate Services.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Maureen Rammell who just sold our Bellevue home. We have lived there for the last 24 years. It was the 4th home we have bought and sold in our 41 years together.

Maureen is a most skilled and professional agent. She has been a delight to work with. She read the market masterfully.

She communicated clearly how she arrived at her recommendations for pricing and how she adjusted those recommendations as the market evolved.

Her team did an artful job of staging and filming our home. We almost couldn’t believe it was our home.

Her team was always polite, respectful, and professional in all our interactions.

Overall we had the best possible experience with our home sale and thought you should know.
- Dr. Lester Sandman & Dr. Beth Sandman

I wholeheartedly recommend our Realtor Maureen Rammell. We relocated to Seattle from Tucson, Arizona in 2017. Searching for a home during that time period was extremely stressful since there was heavy competition from multiple buyers resulting in homes that were selling above list price while on the market for only a few days.

Before we even started our search, Maureen helped us indentify the kind of community and home we were looking for so we could have a more targeted approach. She expertly explained the current market situation and outlined a plan for a successful bid. In the end, we bought a lovely home in a great neighborhood for a price we could live with! Success!

Maureen was instrumental in our home buying success experience. She was attentive, accessible, knowledgeable, and professional from beginning to end. One year later, we feel very at home in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you Maureen! - The Mahlstede Family

Dear Maureen,

I didn't know you before you called me after I had been on the market with my home and failed to sell. It hadn't gone well and there were several things in my home (such as the furnace, for one thing) that needed repair or replacement before I could sell my home for the price I needed in order to move forward with my life.

And then you called.

I want to thank you for not only presenting a very professional program to market and sell my home, but for the solutions you offered as soon as we sat down together. I was like a whole load of stuff was lifted from me. I had a partner in you and it was as though I wasn't out here doing this alone anymore. You dug right in, had everything done to perfection, staged my home to look like a new construction model home. It was fun and creative and a big boost. Just what I needed at the perfect moment.

You were always available to answer my calls and you seemed to have a solution for anything that came up. At the end of the day - we sold my home in a few days, the buyers were fantastic and you kept everything rolling right along smoothly without a hitch. I would urge anyone who is considering going on the market to talk to you.

Thank you so much for all you've done. I'm now in my new home, I've put a bunch of money in the bank and I have my easy going smile back. If you have anyone who is thinking about about this, and needs the stright scoop - don't hesitate to have them call me. I would be very happy to tell them about the experience I had with you. Thanks for everything! - Tracy McCain

Customer-and Result-Oriented

We highly recommend Maureen Rammell for buying or selling. She and her team are both customer-and result-oriented. She helped me purchase my townhouse, and 16 years later, sold the same townhouse for me when I no longer lived in the same city. She was very knowledgeable about the market and understanding of clients' needs. She genuinely cares about her clients and acts in their best interest. Both times the transactions were accurate, quick, and smooth.

We are very happy that we chose her. Thank you Maureen and the team!- Fongzi

She Took Care of Every Detail

I was reluctant to go through the hassle of listing my but Maureen helped me understand the current inventory and she took care of every detail necessary to get it on the market. I simply handed over my key and she took care of everything else with her team of experts. I accepted an offer in less than 24 hours of going live on the MLS.- user5648033

Maureen and her team are both customer-and result-oriented

Maureen Rammell has represented me through selling my first home and buying my second home. She's now representing us in selling our second home while we move out of state. I can not recommend Maureen highly enough. She's incredibly enthusiastic, a high energy go getter and her knowledge of the greater Seattle area market is second to none. She keeps in constant communication and makes sure we are kept up to date on every aspect regarding our sale/buy. I have no reservations giving Maureen 5 Stars.- boocefus

Maureen is an Extraordinary Realtor

She is very knowledgeable of the housing market and what it takes to successfully sell a house in optimum time at an optimum sale price and to successfully purchase a house where other buyers are buzzing around. Because of Maureen’s quick work and wide network of colleagues, we were able to buy a house that would have otherwise gone to another potential buyer. She saw us through each phase of the purchase process, accompanying us to the Escrow closing and helping us by providing important info for making the transition from our old house to our new house seamless. We are now in the process of preparing our current house for sale. Again, we are very grateful that Maureen has such a good working relationship with realtors and other people vital to making our home attractive and sale worthy. Her energy, resourcefulness and support to us have been invaluable. And she always has an upbeat attitude and a smile which we very much appreciate.
- Bertha Henry

Maureen was a Winner All the Way!

I needed a realtor to sell my Redmond based 2-bed condominium townhouse in the fall, during a housing slump. Urgh!

I interviewed 3 realtors, focusing on getting them to tell me why I should pick them over other realtors given that they all charged 3%. Weak replies included 'good photographs in flyers' and 'I'm trustworthy'. Maureen stood out, she had a record of selling properties at ground-breaking prices, within her charges she included having the home professionally staged, she was charming, responsive, had lived in my condominium for 4 years and specialized in condo sales for 10 years. The choice was easy. The other realtors would have given me a booklet on how to stage my home and expected me to do it.

The stager walked me round my home making it clear what I need to pack/remove. Maureen provided boxes and I packed all my books, religious artifacts, CD's and most of my decorative items then the stagers arrived with their own decorative items and spent a day preparing the house. It looked fabulous!

Over the next few weeks a steady trickle of people passed through. One couple looked 3 times and bought their parents. They then made a very low offer. Maureen was outraged on my behalf. Then we made a counter offer just below the asking prices and the sale progressed smoothly from there, fast and efficient.

Maureen seemed to sense what I needed, she called to give progress reports, she even gave me a lift from work to signing the Escrow documents. Her attention to detail and sense of proportion is very confidence inspiring.

Maureen has sold my condo for a record-breaking price for the floor-plan in a slump, in the fall. That is high-flying and needless to say I'm extremely happy and would recommend her highly.

On the day before I packed to move Maureen turned up with a goodbye gift, very cleverly chosen to suit me. High quality, relationship centric service right up to the end. - Wendy H.